Monday, October 20

100th Post, Yippee!

What a wonderful blogging milestone, giggle!
I usually bum Savannah's point and click camera but it is broken. Since it was such a gorgeous morning, I decided to go play around with Shawn's camera instead.
Don't you just love fall?!!!

OH Golly, Miss Molly!! How are you this fine Fall day!


Lisha said...

100 posts... I've enjoyed every one of them!

karen said...

Good for you. Now post 100 things about you. It's kind of fun! I loved all the pic's from your family.

danakat said...

The pictures are beautiful and perfectly autumnal.
And yes, you should do the 100 things about yourself. Most of us have a link to ours somewhere on our it's time to join the throng.

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your blog and seeing all of your creative ideas!