Thursday, October 16

I am...

I am... married to an incredible man I adore.
I think... this world is absolutely breathtaking.
I want... to set a good example.
I have... a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.
I miss... Shawn during work days.
I fear... mean people.
I feel... very shy, very often.
I hear... children laughing outside.
I smell... like roses, or so I've been told, giggle!
I crave... silence, and invite it every chance I get.
I cry... when my children's feelings are hurt.
I search... for ways to stay home.
I wonder... when my Savior will come again.
I regret... not knowing my mother-in-law better.
I wish... I had more hours in each day.
I love... life.
I care... deeply about family time.
I always... hug myself when I am happy/excited.
I worry... that I don't show gratitude enough.
I am not... afraid to say 'no'.
I remember... being sealed to my parents at 3 yrs old.
I believe... Families are Forever.
I know... I am a beloved spirit daughter of God.
I sing... or more accurately, hum, when I am eating something delicious.
I don't always... feel the need to go, go, go. Simple, slow, quiet time is a must.
I argue... with myself, often, outloud.
I write... love notes to my husband.
I lose... track of time when I am gardening.
I listen... to my childrens' feelings and frustrations, very important to me!
I can... usually be found on my front porch, my personal shady nook (with a good book).
I need... uninterrupted time with my children.
I forget... my daughter's orthodontist appointments, repeatedly, grrrr.
I am happy... when I am HOME!


Stefanie H said...

i think its funny that u like to be home because i am the complete opposite. I get cabin fever if i'm home for more than a couple of house! haha :)

Lisha said...

What a great post! I'm gonna have to steal it! :)

Quincy Sorensen said...

Dawn, I always had wanted to get to know you better when we were in the same ward. Now, I feel like I am getting that opportunity through reading your blog. I have read other "I AM" poems, and I really enjoyed yours. I love to be at home as well. Thanks.

karen said...

Love it and miss seeing you more. That was so fun to read.