Sunday, October 26


Do you see it?!?

There's another one!!!
Aren't these cute?! They are little iron mice I got to put on my front porch with my pumpkins and gourds. I've only had one person jump at the sight of 'em... poor unsuspecting UPS guy, I begged forgiveness, and he promised not to smash any future deliveries!

Not so funny story though... Saturday, Christian screamed my name from the classroom. Our kitty, Snickers, had snuck in the house through an open door and had something in its mouth! That's never good. Afterall, our kittens are outside pets and pride themselves in being superhero hunters. Yep! My worst fear, Snickers had a mouse... and a live one at that! In all the excitement of trying to scurry Snickers back outside with his 'treasure'... he dropped his loot and ran out.
The mouse found cover behind some boxes and we never found it. Now I keep acting like a HUGE ninny everytime I hear the least little sound.
Shawn is 'on the case',
I trust he will save his family from the mean ole mouse.
Later, I had a long discussion with Snickers on the possibility of him losing his job as Head barn cat. He seemed quite concerned with this possible demotion and promised to do better. So since the UPS guy forgave me, I too must forgive Snickers.


Sharon said...

Those are cute iron mice. I remember having to hunt mice down that got in all the time because we lived by corn fields!

Good Luck finding the little escape artist! :)

danakat said...

This had me laughing from beginning to end. Whew. Thanks.

And that is the cutest little kitty face! I so want to smoosh it.

BTW: Have you gotten my messages? Or am I archived? Call me when you get a sec.

Cari said...

Chris and I think we have a mouse. We keep hearing something in the wall. Urg! So, I feel your pain!

Lacey Freeman said...

Those little mice are the cutest!

Real mice=grossss!! I have seen many mice, possoms, and bunnies from our cat...yuck.

Lisha said...

Gotta love those huntin' cats! I love the iron mice, they are cutie! You find the best stuff!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Silly kitty!! Our cat Minh captured a little bunny and when I yelled at her she dropped it and ran off. Lexi picked up the poor little bunny and tried to nurse it back to health, but unfortunately it died...a few tears were shed.