Sunday, May 25

Licked by a Cow?

I was cutting the boys hair on the backporch yesterday. I cut Christian's hair first and we were chatting while Ty was on the porch waiting for his turn. Then when it was Ty's turn he told me he was confused. He asked, "WHEN was Christian licked by a cow?" I explained that I didn't understand his question. He asked it again. I told Ty that I didn't know that Christian was licked by a cow... totally confused. Ty then told me that I SAID Christian was licked by a cow. This is one of those mommy moments when you start replaying your past conversation through your head trying to figure out the misunderstanding. BINGO! I said Christian had a cowlick. So rightfully so... the sweet simple question... 'when was Christian licked by a cow?' When I explained what a 'cowlick' was, Ty was very disappointed that Christian never was 'licked by a cow!' But Ty was happy to find out that he has a cowlick too. Here are my handsome fellas with their new summertime buzzes.

When I asked to take a picture of them, THIS was the first pose they gave me, hardy har har!


Debbie said...

Such handsome boys!! I love this story! Make sure your neighbors know that I WANT that orange tabby!! I told the kids, but I want to make sure their parents know.. hehe

P.S. I love your comment on my blog. Jared says we accept bribes and/or checks.. haha

Beth said...

That is so funny! I love the way kids hear and interpret things.

Lacey Freeman said...

Haha...I love it. They are the best at that age when everything is so simple to them! What handsome boys you have!

Mike and Carly said...

They are some good looking kids!