Sunday, May 11

'In the cottage there is joy'

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone's day was as wonderful as mine. I was spoiled rotten by my most favorite people in the whole world. I received a charm bracelet with each of our names imprinted on square tags. I also got chocolate, both from Shawn and from the Ward. We have the most hilarious Bishop. He counseled us mommies from the pulpit and told us to repeat after him...'I will take this gift, and keep it to my own.' We were forbidden to share, giggle!

I also got cards and love notes from my sweet kiddos. I will include Ty's love note, typed exactly as he wrote it and notice he spreads the love around!

'i love you mommy and i love this Sunday Mothers day and i love Sundays and i love dad too i love win he practics baseball with me and i love my hole family and i love evrebute and i love me and i think i am a good kid and i love my ants and my grani and pappa and definatly love emma and cardin.


kb said...

Love it! Happy Mother's Day!

Debbie said...

Cute picture of you and the kids! Happy Mother's Day! I love Ty's card.. haha

Cari said...

Haha. Ty is so hilarious. Super cute pic of you and the kiddos.

aunt mimi said...

How cute are you guys. I need a copy of that pic. Ty is so my favorite Ty.

Mike and Carly said...

That has to be the best Mother's Day note ever. It is a good thing that he reminded you that he is a good kid.