Saturday, May 10


The current header photo is of Shawn and I at a Bed & Breakfast he took us to for our birthdays. The first time Shawn took me to a B&B was when we were in Nebraska. We were totally broke, I still to this day do not know how he paid for it or got it all planned without me knowing. But one Friday night we went to Institute Classes on Campus and out of nowhere... my best friend was whisking off Savannah and Christian with her and Shawn was taking me AWAY! It was so wonderful! He even packed a suitcase for me which was quite hilarious! And it still is one of my favorite memories about 4 years in Dental School. We have been to several B&Bs since but our all time favorite was in SanDiego, CA. We went there last summer and the hostess was adorable and her B&B was quite modern but in an old historical bungalow style house. I would say 95% of the furniture/decorations were PotteryBarn. She served us fresh fruit, crackers, brie, and juices, each morning. If Shawn wants to WOW me with breakfast in bed, he still gets the same crackers, brie, and fruits that we had in Ca. Great memories!

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Debbie said...

Aww... sweet! I love that Shawn tries to "recreate" those memories, too. He needs to rub off a little bit on the Mayfield boys ;-) They are sweet in their own ways though. I've always wanted to go to a B&B.