Thursday, December 8


Today... I went out first thing this morning to open up the coop and let the chickens out for the day.  It was very cold, so I had my coat on.  I checked the nests and found 4 eggs, SCORE!  I quickly slipped the eggs into my coat pockets.  I gave the hens feed and scurried back to the house before I froze solid.  Once inside... I began imitating, to the kids, one of the hens running to the feed... and SPLAT... I flapped my 'wings' too theatrically and smashed 3 of the 4 eggs I still had in my coat pockets.  UGH!  Note to self:  remove fresh eggs from coat pockets BEFORE dramatic impersonations of hens!
 the lone survivor.
Today... the sun is out and b.r.i.g.h.t.l.y. shining, but that hasn't changed the temperatures much, brrrr!
Today... I ventured outside again to clip some pine branches and gathered some berries to decorate the classroom.
 Just can't beat natural... and the free part ain't bad either ;)
Today... Ty's cat, Cotton, showed up on the back porch.  Cotton tends to spend more time away then at the house.  Cotton's timing could not have been more opportune... I had just cooked a turkey breast and Ty hurriedly gave him the 'leftovers' and the most gigantic bowl of milk.
 Today... Ty finished school early and I gave him an Art project.  His assignment was to create a collage of something he dreams of.
He presented this masterpiece to me a short time later.  Ty dreams of being a builder or architect.  He used an old Lego magazine to create his collage.  Can you see the lego pieces?  Love this!


Lisha said...

What a wonderful day! And, what are you cutting those berries from? I love how they are not bunched together.

Stefanie H said...

dude that kids an artist!! :)

Sharon said...

I love that you decorate the classroom! If I had one I definitely would! :) That collage is perfect. I got a good laugh out of the egg story. I will have to remember that when we have chickens of our own. :)