Monday, December 12


Every morning... between the hours of 8-10... this is where you can find our gal.  Her and Missi are forming quite a relationship.  Because Missi is so young and had never been ridden before, we had her professionally trained and since we got her back on the farm Savannah is on her every day.  So thankful Savannah could see this dream of hers come true!
 We own Missi's mom, Bre, too, but due to special circumstances she is not safe to ride.  But every morning she stands at the fence and watches Savannah and Missi... Maybe her nickname should be 'ole mother hen'.  Bre is the prettiest horse I have ever seen.  Love everything about her.  She is a very gentle and mild horse and serves as our most gorgeous lawn mower and lawn ornament ;)
 Our cowgirl and her horse

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