Monday, December 5

Our Front Porch and Entry... and a tid bit on Market Monday

We had such gorgeous weather this weekend!
I tweaked the front porch to look more Merry.  I moved a huge bench to the front porch for Fall decor and I've loved it being there, so it stayed.  It now serves as the perfect space to store firewood that is dry and ready to go inside.  No worries of bugs, grin, because this wood never stays here for longer than a few days.
 I found these child's skis months ago.  And this blue tool box has quickly become one of my favorite possessions.  The pop of color is perfect even in this very natural arrangement.
 The child's sleigh at the bottom of this photo has been in my Holiday arsenal of decorations for years.  It is a favorite with its bright red rails.
 Love it!  Time well spent on Saturday.
 Does anyone else actually add to, subtract from, and tweak their Christmas decor throughout the whole month?  I most definitely do.  As I type, neither mantle in my study or family room has a lick of holiday yumminess on them yet.  It will evolve over the weeks.
But at least my entry is in a good resting state... at least for the moment ;)
I found this antique French door while we were in Destin this fall.  It is magnificent.  I don't know if this is its 'final resting place' in our home but for now it looks great leaning here on this small wall with a little wreath hanging from it.  This is the view directly in front of you as you would enter our house.
 To the left is a full scale set of skis and my favorite old sleigh.
 To the right is my entry table... I added some jingle bells, beaded ornaments, and pinecones to the crocks I have here year round.  I added a small tree, cloche, and a few presents to the shelf.  Done... I think!
 This is BY FAR the hardest space for me to decorate... any day of the year, not just for the Holidays.  Have I bored you with the details of this before?!  Probably.  But here I go again.  The original staircase for this houseplan was outdated.  It in no way met codes.  So we had to get real creative with the new staircase to still get the open view to the upstairs, not lose the open gallery hallway upstairs, AND to get the stairs to land in the entry properly and widen like I dreamed.  All those wants were met... but left us with this weird little angled ceiling and a little kickback on the wall to the left of the small wall.  See it?
 I originally wanted to have planked walls on the downstairs... it was axed early on in the building process due to costs but I am adamant that it will still be done in the future, but probably WAY in the future, snicker.  I think the planked walls will help the angled ceiling look more in place, kind of like an angled attic ceiling.  But this little space still stumps me.  I have had artwork hung and leaned here.  Seemed too sparse.  I have had an antique chair and miscellaneous items with it... too disjointed.  And then, this fall I found this caned settee.  I was in Florida when I found it, had no measurements for this space... but took a chance it would fit.  It did.  I think I like it here.  Think.  It fills the space well.  It adds softness with the cushion and pillows (I want to slipcover the cushion in something soft and yummy).  And I even like the large antique basket placed next to it in the weird kicked back wall space... maybe with a large fiddleleaf fig in the basket other times of the year?  I just need to fill the space left above the settee with something.  Canvas of kids?  Artwork?  Suggestions?!  Anyone?
 Shawn bought me this pillow cover from PotteryBarn.  He actually didn't KNOW he was buying me this pillow cover, but I let him in on the purchase after he got home from work that day, snicker.  I gave him a big kiss for being so thoughtful, wink.
 For now, I have a little faux tree in the basket... surrounded by pinecones and mercury glass ornaments.  The presents are from a festival we helped decorate for last year and the tags actually have silhouettes of the manger animals from the Nativity.  And so there it is... a glimpse of what you'd see if you came to our house today... cause remember?  It could all change tomorrow ;)

 ** UPDATE **
Market Mondays are getting an adjustment.  There is a very long, drawn out explanation of some necessary changes I must make to balance needs and wants in my life right now.  Go to my Market Blog if you would like to read the novel and see pics.  From now on, my Market Blog will be the only place I post regularly about the incoming/delivered items to my Booth.  You can become a follower or add my Market Blog to your list if you want to know when I post there.  Thanks!

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Beautiful. You are quite the talented lady.