Saturday, December 10

Our Christmas Hub

The classroom is a very central part to our Christmas.  It is where we have our main tree... our jiblet tree as I call it, because it has every little ornament as a family we have made or collected along our way.  Here is where we gather on Christmas Eve to read about our Savior's Birth, open Christmas PJs, and gather on Christmas morning to do stockings and open presents... always with a fire burning in the fireplace.  I had big dreams for this room, even before it was built.  It has delivered!
I have no budget for additional decorations this year, so I worked with what I already had to do this room.  A wreath, log, pine branches and mercury glass... DONE!
 I made these antique sheet music wreaths for my business.  I loved them so much I kept one aside for me!  I hung it directly over a barn print that is always on this mantle.
 I found this little radio flyer trike at an estate sale months ago.  I love to collect old toys like this and the little skis on the porch. 
 And the 3 stuffed animals that our children each had when they were small next to our little trough awaiting out little baby boy Jesus.
 So there is a little glimpse into our classroom, aka our Christmas hub.  I am now sitting in the chair next to the fireplace in this very room.  There is Christmas music booming through the whole house and my dear husband is building our first fire of this season.  There is nothing I don't love about our wood burning fireplace... the sound, the smell, the flickering light from the fire.  I am so happy in this moment!

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