Wednesday, June 8


Yesterday I ate a whole bowl of watermelon... bowl provided by nature herself.  Summer and Watermelon, ahhhhhhh.
 Yesterday we found out that our newest little Mayfield is going to be a.. BOY!!!  Yippee... congrats Dave and Jess!
 Yesterday I followed through with my promise to obnoxiously fill every nook and cranny and vase in our home with hydrangea blooms. 
 Yesterday Ty finished school.  One down... two more to go, and then summer break can officially begin... oh happy summer days!

Yesterday I had every fan we own ON... FULL BLAST! 
 Yesterday I was at the ballpark at 6pm with Ty and it was still 98degrees.  Whew!  Amazing thing is... he was dripping, sweaty wet after practice and didn't seem to mind a bit.  I too was a sweaty mess from simply sitting on bleachers for 2 hours... but oh do I love to watch our boy do his favorite thing in the whole wide world... baseball!
 Yesterday my mom thinned out her hostas and I was the blessed recipient of her 'overage'.  Hostas are hands down my absolute favorite plant!  Could have something to do with the fact that they are hardy, as all get out, and that they survive the farm with no pampering what so ever. 
 Yesterday I actually finished doing laundry.  Fact is... I DO laundry every Tuesday.  Fact is NOT that I actually get each piece washed, dried, and hung/folded each Tuesday.  But yesterday I did, hurrayyyy!
 And this photo is for Misty.  She lives in our Carriage House Apartment and uses our laundry room and rarely... RARELY... does she come over to use the washer/dryer and actually find the dryer empty.  Almost without fail I have my last load of towels sitting in the dryer... dry... but not unloaded.  But YESTERDAY I was so awesome I even got the towels folded and put away, yep, gotta embrace my awesome moments when I can... few and far between... but not obsolete, snicker!
And Today is a new day... lunch date with my sweetheart, going by my booth to collect my statement/check for last month (so nervous but excited to see how my first month went), baseball practice again, grocery store, and, and, and...

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woodsermom said...

Ugh, the heat. I forgot just how hot it is there. I went running today and had to wear a long sleeve t-shirt at lunchtime. Better start mentally preparing myself for the temp.