Sunday, June 19

Happy Dad's Day!

We started celebrating early by heading to IHOP Saturday morning for a big 'Daddy's Breakfast'... never mind that it was noon!  We make it a point not to go to IHOP too often because we do not show self control.
Ty may have eaten just one too many double chocolate pancakes.
 Christian on the other hand could have kept going, this guy can eat a crazy amount of pancakes.
 This morning Shawn got breakfast in bed.  I made enough for me too, snicker, and we enjoyed a long lazy breakfast together.
 For lunch we had philly cheesesteaks and for dessert... walnut brownies with coolwhip.  Funny side note:  the only thing Shawn asked for was some new cologne.  So I headed to the store on Friday while he was out of town with Christian and decided to find a new favorite 'scent' for him.  I sniffed and sniffed several samples.  Problem was, and it took me til just that moment to realize, that I could NOT smell because I was battling a raging sinus infection.  ugh!  So instead my sweetheart got a gift card to go get some cologne, because his wife was smelling impaired.
I missed church today, combination of sinuses and Ty not feeling well, but I sent these treats with Savannah for the Nursery children to color the tags and give to their dads.  I hope they all loved their treat from their littles!

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woodsermom said...

Funny story - Ty had been in my house tons for over a year and yet he had never spoken a word to me. Not rude, mind you, just shy. Then one morning after a camp-out, I made waffles and Ty had, well, I lost count really. Then a few minutes later, he walked into my kitchen, stood in the middle of the floor holding his stomach and said, "I think I might have eaten too many waffles." Then he walked out the door. Those were his first words to me - I was cryin' I was laughing so hard!! Ty...gotta love him.