Wednesday, June 15

Warning... may give you a headache...

So to catch up on our first week of Summer break (yes, we finally finished school last Friday)... funny that I feel the need to 'catch up' and it is only Wednesday of our first week.  I digress.  So here it is... feel free to take aspirin after this randomness:

Christian left on Monday for Scout High Adventure.  I saw the agenda and was exhausted just from reading it.  So this is what my house looked like in preparation.  What?  Do you think the tent clashes with my linen slipcovers?!
 And all that was wrestled, man handled, and pretty much squished into this!  And he was off!
 The result of Christian's departure was two fold: 1.  the house has become very quiet.  2.  little brother was missing him terribly after 2.2 seconds and I was looking for a 'project' that would keep little bro semi-distracted for the next few days.  So the solution was helping Ty find all his past baseball jerseys and promising to help him make them into pillows he can proudly display all over his room.  He not so subtly draped each jersey on my ladder in the family room.  What!  Does he think I may forget about my promise to help him do this?  Hopefully I can post by weeks end our FINISHED pillows.
 Last night I arrived home from the ballfield with Ty.  I entered with pizza, cheezy bread, and a smile.  My husband entered the back door seconds later with THIS!
 That, my non-plumbing friends, is a thingamajig that SHOULD be firmly attached to the main water pipes entering our house.  Shawn was weedeating at the side of the house and the ground was saturated with water.  He dug down and found the thingamajig busted off its pipe.  Looks like it may have been leaking for quite some time and then finally threw up its hands and surrendered.  So after quickly grabbing some pizza, my hubby has his priorities straight after all, he ran to Lowes moments before closing and grabbed all new replacement thingamajigs.  By this morning... we could flush the toilets again.  A great daddy hero moment!  Woot, woot!
 Now my front porch looks like this.  Small price to pay for flushing toilets.  Such a luxury.  Afterall, toilets are just not as convenient when they don't flush, agreed?!
 And somewhat along the same theme... Savannah has set up a 'triage' station in the laundry room.  Seems this little guy had a bad case of 'pasty butt' (I'll just let you research that on your own if you want further details on that little ailment) and he seems to be on the mend.  Pasty butt... we live glamorous lives.
 And to follow the random pattern... I had husband... smack dab in the middle of plumbing emergency move this into my living room so it is obnoxiously in my way, while I decide if I love it or not... I think I do... more on that later... are you thoroughly sick and tired of my... dot dot dots!
 I mentioned that I needed to get out and collect all my fallen pinecones... youngest son did it for me yesterday.  Boy knows how to melt his mom's heart.
 Oh and did I mention, the same evening of burst water pipe, Savannah had a friend over?  Yep.  Suffice it to say she was not amused by our non-flushing toilets either.  But thankfully she is about as animal crazy as Savannah so we had some babes to distract her from our 'issues'.
 Gotta love good kids, don't ya?!
PS and by the way, I am on a slipcover kick at the moment, I've decided to collect random chairs that need complicated upholstery work too just so I stay humble.  This is a summer project I hope to complete and share later this summer.  For now it is proudly displayed in my entry for all to see... and wonder... why would I have a ratty tat tat chair with holes in it and buttons barely holding on for dear life , on display right in my entry.  I like to keep folks guessing.
 And for your reading pleasure... I just finished the best book!  I loved it dearly.  Challenging read because of its subject matter but so beautifully written.  I love creative metaphors... the realization of the title took my breath away.  A must read in my opinion.
 And I am now reading this one... I am a few pages in and my heart is already aching, but in a good way. We now press forward for the rest of this week... sure to be an adventure!


Karen said...

My head hurt just looking at the pack for High Adventure. Was that a nightmare or what?!

Cari said...

I love the idea of using his jerseys to make pillows. Love the chair too.

Lisha said...

Yay! Great post!

woodsermom said...

My heading was spinning from all the fun!! Love "random" posts. And yes, you want that dresser, no wait, you don't want it, you want to fix her up and then give first dibs to your neighbor to purchase from your booth, yeah, that's it!! Enjoy seeing all the crazy, happy fun going on in the Callahan house.