Thursday, June 2


Ready to be done with homeschool for this school year.  We start a few weeks later than the public schools due to a late summer trip to the beach.  So it makes these last few weeks of school ever so urgent to 'get er done already'!!

Ready to finish my studio... which we haven't technically started, snicker.  My little business is making areas of our home a mess.  Creative messes are always OK in my book of life but all the better if there are doors that can be shut sometimes to walk away, snicker.

Ready to go cut some annabelle hydrangeas from out at the barn and bring them inside to obnoxiously put in every container I own.

I just love this artist's work... here... on etsy.

Ready to call a 'truce on myself'!  Have been struggling with a bad back.  Been very ruthless with myself over it, things have had to go undone... kindness is sometimes forgotten in relation to myself.

Ready to go to the grocery store and load up our empty fridge and shelves.  Kids are ready for me to do this too.  May was one of those months that budget didn't quite make it to the last day of the month ;)

Ready to start my Thursday... never mind that it is already 10:57am, better late than never.  Have a great Thursday too!!

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Karen said...

I can relate. Thursday......hope you make it.