Monday, March 21

The Willow Creek Inn

Blue Ridge, Georgia, is quickly becoming a favorite vacation sight for our family.  Several years ago, Shawn and I rented a private cabin there and it was incredible.  Since then Shawn and his brothers had a reunion there and rafted the Ocoee, and he and Christian had a father/son weekend rafting trip there too.

This past weekend was Shawn and I's 18th wedding anniversary.  Shawn did it again!  He planned a wonderful getaway for us.  This time we went to a Bed & Breakfast in the mountains.  During the summer months this location also serves as a Youth Camp for their church.  The entire property took my breath away.  My favorites: canoeing in the pond, 1 week old sheep named Snowflake, the innkeeper's daughter, naps in our room with the windows open and the breeze blowing through the curtains, homemade bread and pumpkin muffins, sound of their turkeys, Gracie the dog, and so, so, much more.  It was perfect!  Be prepared for the upcoming picture overload... but I definitely want to document the beauty of this property!
 We just couldn't leave the area without visiting one of the local Falls... Falls Branch.
Thank you Shawn, I love you!


Charity said...

That looks so relaxing! Beautiful!

Karen said...

Dreamy.....What a beautiful place.

Kim Mayfield said...

So glad y'all got away! A very happy anniversary to you... just a little late. I thought about y'all, just didn't get you texted

Sharon said...

Looks so beautiful and so relaxing! Happy late anniversary.