Sunday, March 6

2 Glorious Days of Rain

Now, I do indeed realize that most people would not consider 2 full days of rain a good thing... especially if those two days are Friday and Saturday... but me?  GLO.RI.OOOOOOUS!
Because a good soaking rain ANYTIME in preparation for Spring is a wonderful thing.
I am shocked as to how many of our plants and trees actually made it from last year... it was a tough, hot fall and I feared most died before they went dormant.  Just not possible to stretch hoses all over the pastures to water and pamper each plant. 
I can't express the joy that most of my Quinces survived and are now blooming!  Happy, happy, happy!
 And the other reason I am giddy for the 2 day weekend rain... I was able to trap the family 'muscles' indoors for a personal project, tee-hee!
Ripping up carpet and carpet pad in the soon to be STUDIO!
There is no money for projects right now... so this task was FREE, and actually got done very quickly.
 I must insert here that Savannah, also considered the 'muscles' of the family, helped... but somehow I didn't get a pic of her.  She was a master at removing tack strips and staples.
And here it is, CLEAN SLATE!  I know now how I'm going to create the 'look' of paneling at a fraction of the cost, it will cost $7 a sheet and I need 11 sheets.  So I may have to buy one sheet at a time and cut/install... but I am determined to keep this project moving forward, even if it IS at a snail's pace.  Afterall, as my sil Alisha will agree, once us gals get a project thought through and on graph paper... there is no changing our minds, snicker!!!


Lisha said...

Nate always braces himself when the graph paper comes out... heehee. :) Can't wait to see the studio done! And, remind me of the blog for the paneling, I still am having a hard time visualizing, but you KNOW I love me some paneling, especially on the cheap!

p.s. the rain WAS heavenly. :)

Charity said...

I do many a project at a snail's pace. Somehow it is more rewarding when it is FINALLY done than those I can do quickly. Can't wait to see your progress. :-)

Cari said...

Jealous. Very jealous.