Wednesday, March 16

price LESS?

My mom's maiden name is Price.  When she was little, if another child wanted to hurt her feelings they would tell her that she was 'price less'.  Her little classmate obviously misunderstood this name calling as a real insult.  Years later my mom learned the real meaning of the word 'priceless'.  I'm sure she grinned to herself as she recalled the intended malice used in altering her last name.   A true compliment instead.  Lesson learned.  So many meanings to words, so many different ways of looking at something and determining 'value.'

I recently went to an Estate Sale.  It was such a fun experience.  At 41 years old, I was the youngest attendee except for 3 young gals that were there to find antique jewelry.  I stood in line for hours waiting to enter the sale and enjoyed every last moment of conversing with 100s of people, most twice my age.  Each person hoping to find a treasure inside the Estate home... Elvis memorabilia, antique glassware, exquisitely ornate furniture... to each their own obsession.
 I guess it safe to say... I had a corner on the market as far as wanting old, crusty, dusty, stuck in the recesses of closets and garages... stuff.  And my most 'priceless' find?  This framed art.
 It is not an original.  It is in a very simple frame.  But I fell in love immediately.  The blue gown and the coral untied shoes.  Swoon.
The child's perfectly depicted chubby fingers.  Isn't that EXACTLY how a small child eats... using the palm of their hand to push food into the mouth, simply precious.

I also found some cobweb covered jars and a pitchfork.  Yep.  Safe to say I was not throwing elbows to be the first to purchase any Elvis records... just as safe to say noone else was jealously eyeing my treasures... snicker.  To each their own.   Priceless!


danakat said...

So excited to see all your priceless finds! I think your singular take on what is beautiful and what is special is indeed priceless. You are a gem.

kg said...

What a fun find...I enjoyed this post :)

Karen said...

Oh,that is so cool. I love it.