Monday, March 14

Falling on your face...

I heard the BEST quote at church yesterday.  I didn't have a pen and paper handy so I will paraphrase:

When you fall flat on your face... you MUST remember two very important things:
1.  to 'fall' means you were still in the process of trying!  No need to claim defeat!
2.  and to fall on your face means you are still technically moving forward... not backwards... right?!

I really needed to hear this fun little thought.  I can get caught in the fear of failure.  I need to reprogram my thinking that a failed attempt does not always equal wasted time or effort.  So, with that said... I have decided to take a plunge, of sorts, and attempt something that I have wanted to do for years.  I am going to 'pull up my big girl britches' when/if it does not play out just as I want and creatively move forward.  Now I have a game plan... if I fall... fall on my face instead of my backside, grin... forward movement... even the tiniest bit is a success!

Not ready to divulge my new little venture just yet.  For me it will be a creative process to dabble in while I wait to be an InnKeeper, grin.  But who knows,  I shall be an optimist and it could be a fun side interest for a long time to come.  I shall be making some future announcements... some of you may be interested in what I have up my sleeve, wink, so I will keep you updated. 

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kg said...'ve got my attention! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve. And I like that quote too :)