Friday, August 20

Palmyra, New York

We spent several days in Palmyra... so glad we did because it is so beautiful there!
This is on the Smith Farm.  We are standing in front of the Smith Cabin.
I loved seeing period pieces and learning what they were used for, but mostly I just wanted to scoop up all these rustic items and bring them home.
In the woods behind the Smith Cabin are tons of Bass wood trees.  These trees naturally hollow out over time and then they are made into beehives for honey production.
This was my third time being in Palmyra... once when I was a youth, second with Shawn, and finally I was able to come with our children.  I was thrilled to have them see the Sacred Grove... this environment is what our family loves anyway, and then when you feel the spiritual nature of the site... it was breathtaking!
The Temple is located just across the road from the Smith Farm.
This photograph is taken from the top of the Hill Cumorah.  Later this same night we came back to watch the pageant that is done on the side of the hill, which is why there are stages and seating below.
This is the monument at the top of the Hill.  Ummm, can you read Christian's shirt?
Christian bought this tee with his own money.  Hilarious!  He got lots of giggles.  Funny story:  there was a family from Tahiti in our tour group while at the Smith Farm.  They did not speak English (only French, did not realize they spoke French in Tahiti, now I do) so we had a translator with us during the tour.  The Father spoke some English and so we were able to chat with him some.  At one point he noticed Christian's tee-shirt.  The man quickly grabbed his 14 year old, gorgeous!!!, daughter and exclaimed, "I have a Mormon Girl...."  To which Christian about d.i.e.d. and the poor daughter could have passed out.  The rest of us laughed hysterically at their expense.  I told Christian if he was bold enough to wear the tee, he had to be man enough to take what came... including father's offering up their daughters for consideration, snort!
Us arriving for the pageant and visiting with cast members as they mingled with the audience.
It truly is an amazing production, so thankful for the thousands of people that make this possible.
Next stop... Lancaster County, PA


Sharon said...

That pageant looks amazing! I have heard awesome things about it and hope to one day go visit there. Love Christian's tee and that experience is Hil-A-Rious!

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Josh said...

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Debbie said...

hahaha.. the story about Christian is hilarious!! You're right though- what did he expect when he bought a t-shirt like that?? :-) I bet it was HARD for you not to steal a few things out of that cabin.. haha Wow.. I could feel the spirit by just looking at the pictures of the Sacred Grove!