Tuesday, August 10

Historic Kirtland

First stop on our family road trip was Kirtland Ohio.
So fun to see the sites where Church History was made.
Preservation and reconstruction of these sites are so detailed, it was amazing the high percentage of original items at these sites and that most of the buildings are built on the original foundations.
President Hinkley said, "If we are going to recreate a saw mill as it would have been back then, let's make it a working mill!"  At the dedication of the property, Gordon B Hinkley was cut a piece of lumber at this mill the same painstakingly way it would have been done in the original mill.
Here is Christian at the Morley Farm.
The cabin has not been recreated but there is wonderful rustic seating there.
Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear seating, hee-hee
My personal favorite site was the Johnson Farm.
This farm was owned by one family for generations and they eventually sold it to the Church.  The prior owners kept so much of the structure original and it was amazing to see.
The landscaping took my breath away.
I would have had such a hard time leaving this farm!
Lucy Mack Smith made floor cloths and this is a sample of what was popular then.
These are the very stone steps that Joseph returned to after being drug from this home and tarred and feathered.  The very next morning he stood on these steps and delivered the Sunday morning sermon.
The beautiful Kirtland Temple!
Ty struggled with all the tours this vacation offered.
During the tour of the temple, he took to drawing some of the gorgeous architecture to keep him busy.
Above are the Priesthood seats, and below the incredible gothic arch windows.
The cemetery next to the temple still has tombstones of very noteworthy members.
I cried when I read Thankful Pratt's... Parley's words are so powerful!
We had tremendously beautiful weather while in Kirtland and I had to capture a few shots of the sky above this barn located just behind the Johnson Farm.
Next Stop: Niagara Falls, NY


Jen said...

How absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! Kirtland has now been moved to the top of my "Must See" vacation spots now.

And my how big your kids have gotten!

Sandy said...

Amazing! I LOVE Church History and the sites. I love Nauvoo too!!

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karen said...

Wow. What a fun trip you have had. It was fun to see your pictures. Can't wait for Niagara Falls.

Lisha said...

This post makes me want to go even more!!! I love Ty's drawings, the annabelle/barberry mix and the tombstone. Can't wait to see more.

Kim Mayfield said...

Kirtland is one of the top spots on my "To Go" list. Thanks for sharing such great photos! Can't wait to see the rest.

Jenni said...

Didn't you LOVE Kirtland! The spirit is SO strong there. I really miss our day trips there - such a fun place.