Thursday, June 24

A Perfect Fit

In our church we are given many opportunities to serve in different areas and auxillaries.  Some of these 'callings' can really challenge me, usually causing me to grow which is afterall our Heavenly Father's plan :)

But there is one calling that I have done several times in the past and hope I have the chance to do many, many, mazillion times in the future.
And that calling is the Primary Nursery Leader, and I recently was called to do just that!

We currently have 14 little Nursey children between the ages of 18months and 3 years old.
I may, just may, be a tad prejudice but I truly think these 14 little people are just about the cutest characters I have ever been blessed to hang out with.

So amazing how you can already see emerging personality traits at this young age.
Love it, truly... I know I say I love a lot of things, but this love is, some Sundays, more that I can even express!

Last Sunday, of course, was Father's Day.
My dear husband was in Utah spending time with his Dad and brothers.  So I had fun helping my 14 cutey patooties make a little goody in Nursery for their daddies.
Of course this was the sample, their masterpieces were much better since at this age they embrace their creative genius and feel NO need whatsoever to color within the lines.
Closeups of the little daughter owls and the son owls.  I was tickled with how fun they turned out.
Our Lesson the week prior was on Reverence.

We had a fun discussion on LOUD and rambunctious animals versus quite and well-behaved animals.
Kids always relate so well to animals, snort!
We acted out roaring lions, mischievous monkeys, and chirping birds.
Then we acted out mellow cats, goldfish, and little mice.

We then made a 'Church Mouse' out of paperplates and foam.
I also made them these necklaces with an adorable poem attached that I found years ago in a Friend Magazine.
What If?

If a mouse would ride to church
In your pocket on this day,
What might he tell his family
That he heard you do or say?

Would he tell them you were reverent,
And you listened to your teacher?
Or would he say he'd never seen
Such a noisy little creature?!

Would he tell them how he loved the songs
You sang so sweet and clear?
Or would he groan from all the talking
That entered in his ear?

Could he take a little snooze,
As you walked so nice and tall?
Or would he scream with awful panic
As you galloped down the hall?!

Would the little mouse get sea sick
From the tipping of your chair?
Or would he feel safe and cozy
As you reverently sat there?

Would the chapel be a reverent place?
The sacrament the same?
Now tell me, would the little mouse
Be really glad he came?

If a mouse would ride to church
In your pocket on this day,
What might he tell his family
That he heard you do or say?

Cute, HUH?!!?  So pardon the never ending grin I currently have on my face, I'm just having so much fun and wouldn't mind having this exact fun, every single Sunday, for say...... the next 5-10 years, snort!!!!!


Mandi said...

I LOVE nursery too! That is my current calling, and I couldn't be happier. I may have to get with you and swap some ideas!

Kim Mayfield said...

Wow... what a difference between this calling and your last one. I think I would be much happier now, too!

And those owls are just stinkin' adorable!!

Lisha said...

You go above and beyond! I am sure the parents L-O-V-E you being the nursery leader!

Beth said...

I wish you were our nursery leader!!! Our wards' poor dads were forgotten by nursery this year! Good thing I was on top of it at home! :)

Anonymous said...


kg said...

I love this post. It makes me so happy you love this calling...I'm sure you are just perfect there! We have Mandi and we are so lucky!

T! said...

I'm pretty sure you are STELLAR (times a million) at whatever calling you have. That's just how you roll. But props on the nursery bit. That'll be a fun ride.