Monday, June 28

Our little WOLF

I don't know what you've been told,
Cub Scout colors are blue and gold.
I don't know, but its been said,
Wolf Den 3 will use their heads.
Sound off... 1... 2
Sound off... 3... 4
Bring it on down,
1, 2, 3, 4,
1, 2... 3, 4!!

Ty attended our local Cub Scout Day Camp all last week.  5 days, 7 hours each day, heat index topping 108... but this boy was dressed, breakfast eaten, and lunch packed each morning ready to run out the door.  At the end of the day when i picked him up, delightfully exhausted, he felt the need to tell me every minute detail of his day.  So fun.  His favorites activities were archery and martial arts.

I am so thankful for the work that had to go into this event.  Everything was superbly organized and well-done.  Clear down to the most efficient pickup car line I have ever witnessed.  They had nearly 400 young boys attending, the car line always looked like a daunting forever long extravaganza, yet it went super quick! 
Our resident Wolf scout gave the whole experience a huge thumbs up.
By the end of the week, the above little ditty changed a bit as noted below. It was so fun to pull up for pickup, roll my window down so I could hear groups of boys all over camp chanting their little cheers!

I don't know what you've been told,
Cub Scout camp is getting old!
The bees, the fly-s, and the heat,
MAN!  I got some achey feet!
Sound off....

Mommy disclaimer:  I do not, never have, never will be one to schedule, schedule, schedule every minute of my kiddos days.  I love quiet time, they love 'off' time.  But Friday marked the end of a very long week... We had registered Ty for Cub Camp before we were notified that he made the AllStar Baseball team.  I would pick Ty up at 3pm from Camp, have him change into his baseball uniform... he would lay down and sleep while I drove to the field.  I would park in a shady parking spot and let him sleep for a little longer, usually a total of about an hour.  Then up he shot, excited to PLAY Ball.  I was exhausted, but thankful at Ty's age he could keep up that pace.  Will blog about AllStars next.  It was a wonderful experience!

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