Sunday, September 27

Practicing Contentment

is not the fulfillment
of what you want,
but the realization
of how much
you already have.


So I have had to give myself a reality check. This November will be the two year anniversary of moving into our new home. While knocking out several projects the past 2 years, we have mostly tried to 'sit tight' and just let some dust settle and contemplate our next major project(s).

Several months ago I called a Landscape Designer and had him formalize my landscaping dreams on paper. Very exciting to work with someone that can visualize what it is you hope to create and then also add to it things you would never even know were possible. I really want a natural look to our property. If anything, I tend to simplify others' suggestions concerning our land, etc. After weeks of tweaking and getting everything just so, so... we tried to move forward with some financing for the project.



Seems we would have to be crazy to try and finance such a project, which also included finishing and opening the B&B, at this time. I tried to convince Shawn that we WERE a tad looney, maybe an itsy bit wacky... but in the end, he was right! We aren't THAT crazy, darn. Since my husband was able to remind me kindly that we were not reckless, I shed a few tears, then told myself to be a big girl, and come up with a Plan B.

So 2009 nor 2010 will be the year of the Callahan B&B and fabulous landscaping, no time for tears... we will just cinch our budget and get other, SMALLER, projects knocked out in the meantime.

Hang in there with me as I document our smaller scale projects. Actually the Carriage House Loft will be structurally completed, but the B&B will probably not come to fruition till 2011. Lots of fun things to keep us busy until then. We should probably start with furnishing some of those still empty rooms in our house, grin.

And in the end, I can honestly say that I am enjoying the whole process of slowly conquering our acreage and decorating our dream home. Not too shabby, even if Plan A was a total bust, not shabby at all!!


The Happy Haynie Family said...

Reality can sure get in the way sometimes! Can't wait to see some of the "smaller" projects come to pass!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

By the way I love your definition of contentment...

Charity said...

I empathize. This is my greatest struggle. Small sprojects can be equally rewarding though. Together they are huge! Good luck!

Debbie said...

I love the quote at the beginning... it's always good to remind ourselves of that every now and then.