Monday, July 16

My Girl...

Try as I might... I just canNOT stop time.  
Savannah is a Senior this school year.  She has BIG plans come this time next year.  
She is so like me, loves home but plans to leave it asap after graduation.  She has big plans to make the next several months memorable.  Plans to continue volunteering at a nonprofit organization, HEALS (Health Establishments At Local Schools).  Shawn supports this organization and its goals and Christian recently centered his Eagle Project around a HEALS Clinic in our county.  She also wants to start an ongoing project involving her love of sewing... stay tuned because she plans on explaining it here in a post... hopefully some of you can help her efforts!  She will continue to work at Shawn's office and she has a heavy load with her academics.  Whew!

While Savannah is busy enjoying her Senior Year,
I will be busy taking notes...
Knowing I truly could not stop time, I decided to do the next best thing... Document it.  
I picked up a journal loaded with tons of pages.  I started the first entry on June 15th 2012, the morning after the last day of her Junior Year.  I plan to journal every day until her last day of her Senior Year.  365 Days.
In my helplessness to keep her from growing up on me... I will at least write of her successes, her strengths, write specifically of those moments she brings me joy, moments of pride.  I'll be sure and document some of our fights, keep it real, sure to give us good laughs later.
I want to write down for her my favorite scriptures, my favorite quotes, my favorite things about her.
Everyday I will write for her... about her... and then I will gift her this journal as part of her graduation present.
I don't want her to know about this until she receives it.
At that time, there will still be many pages left blank... I've planned it that way (hence buying a big ole fat journal).  My hope is that she does indeed 'fly the coop' and has a blast in the process.  I pray she continues journaling where I left off.  
This next year and the next few after that can be such tremendously challenging and incredibly exciting years... I want her to have it in PRINT.  
Oh, how I love my girl. 


kmmclain said...

That is an awesome idea! I'm sure it will become a precious gift she will always treasure.

Debbie said...

Love it! That is an awesome idea. Something you both will cherish forever.

Kristin and Chase said...

How incredibly sweet this is!! You are such a good mom!