Tuesday, July 24

A sure sign of healing...

I am a casual gal, flip flops are my footwear of choice... well, barefoot is my absolute favorite way to be, but flip flops are a good back up choice.  BUT with that said, I have always loved to dress up, especially for Sundays.  For the past few years my back pain and resulting tension/muscular headaches have thrown my balance askew.  For someone that has always had a great sense of balance and always felt sure-footed... this loss was noted and mourned.
 So since my recovery... I am taking 'baby steps'. Starting with what I call 'cheater heels', aka wedges, and hopefully I will graduate back to a very feminine 'real' heel.
We got a boat a few years ago.  I have loved being on the Lake since high school, when I would tag along with my friend's family each weekend to Honeycomb.  But I haven't spent much time with MY family on the boat because the boat was not too kind to my back and simply jumping in and out of the boat to swim or get on the dock was terrifying because my whole sense of balance was off.

Just last weekend we went on the Lake so the boys could try out a new kneeboard we got.  I made special note of my ability to balance on the nose of the boat to leap into the water.  I didn't need any help climbing the awkward ladder to get back in, nor did I need help balancing to hop back on to the dock.  I actually turned to Shawn at one point and exclaimed... 'I feel so agile!'.  My coordination is back.  Probably sounds silly... but it brings me to tears.  I am oddly, just now, realizing how much I had altered and given up over time.  Of course, the complete lack of pain is HUGE... but the little moments of realization... of me reclaiming all the little things I had avoided or banished from my life for so long... now that is TREMENDOUS.  So grateful!

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