Thursday, July 5

4th of July

Every 4th of July, we invite friends and family out to celebrate.  This year we had a huge storm blow through minutes before everyone arrived.  It blew over as quick as it blew in, so we were able to regroup quickly and continue on with original plan to picnic outside at the firepit.  The 4 wheeler is running non-stop, and this year Chris brought one of his kids Power Wheels for the smaller kids to ride.  It was a huge hit and he brilliantly brought several batteries because this thing was NEVER sitting still.
 What do you want to bet these two guys were chatting about 'dentistry', snicker?!
 The fellas played tons of cards... and they were l.o.u.d!  Competitive much?! 
 Aunt Mimi brought the most gigantic marshmallows.  It tested the weight limits of the sticks Emma and Ty had gathered earlier in the day.  This kids were very impressed... bigger is better, right?
 We ended the night with fireworks, of course.  We lit ours at the same time as our neighbors and their friends just on the other side of the tree line, so we got twice the show!! 
4th of July on the Farm has become quite the family tradition along with Christmas dinner.  I'm hoping to add a few more 'events', party throwing has lessened in years past, but now that my back seems to be healed... let the excessive merry making begin! 

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