Friday, May 11

King of the.... fence?! ?

Our boys can be, ummm... how to say this kindly.... crazy?  
There is a top board on the farm fencing that surrounds the pastures.  It is a very narrow board.  Not meant to serve ANY purpose but cap off the top fence rail. 
 BUT, as many moms of boys can nod with agreement, boys rarely just let something be OR let it serve just one boring purpose.
The boys jump up on the board, which by the way is not even the width of Christian's shoe, and play 'King of the Fence' or maybe more accurately... 'Chicken'!
This day, Ty actually had cleats on.  Not sure if that was even harder to balance with than his normal shoe choice... NONE!
 This is the stance they take when they are ready to challenge.  Usually the one not laughing the hardest has the advantage.  No massive skills used in this exercise of wits insanity... just who can not laugh THEMSELVES off the fence.
 Although, I must credit Ty with the genius of figuring out early on that he has a better chance of toppling his 6+' big brother by going low.  But this tactic does not work at all times simply because Christian leaps him.
 They seriously run this board as fast as they can.  Its what my country boys do for fun!!?!  Fun?

After a long battle for the 'throne' they jump down, sweaty and breathing hard. 
 Fun stuff.
Go figure.
I rarely can claim to understand these two on most days, but I most definitely enjoy their antics.  Only time will tell if 'King of the Fence' will result in broken bones or flesh wounds, grimace.


I am sitting in my room right now listening to the two of them laughing their heads off in the classroom next door.
Christian is taking a Web Design Extra-Curricular Class for Home School.
He has loved it.  We are coming to the end of the school year and he has had to narrow down a 'topic' for his actual website that will go 'on-line' in a few short weeks.  
It will be a WebSite for Clean Jokes and Riddles...
 I know it is a spin off the texting acronym  ROFL...  (R)olling (o)n (F)loor (L)aughing... 
I think I got that right, those two are laughing so hard next door they can't hear me hollering at them to clarify if I got that right.  
When it goes 'live', as Christian terms it, I will post the actual web address.

For your giggle pleasure I will list a few jokes Ty found and contributed to the site...

* What is brown and sticky?
... a stick.  duh. 

* What did Geronimo yell when he jumped off the cliff?

... MEEEEEeeeeeee.

* Why don't skeletons fight?

... they just don't have the guts! 

 Oh dear, I just heard a full blown snort and gasping for breath next door... they must have found a REAL good one.  Seems the dumber, the more hilarious.  Boys.

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