Tuesday, May 29

Keeping Score...

Big, Mean, Bully of a Machine, now referred to as the 'Green Bronco'.... 2,287,982,681 points
Christian... zip, zilch, goose egg, nada, nil, nix, shut out, void, nothing... 0 points.
Injuries not photographed by his little brother... grated knees, shredded lower arms and wrists, & skinned to near bone upper shoulders.  Shirt and jeans worn at time of 'incident'... no longer wearable.

Seems all the rain of late cut a deep rut on the edge of our driveway.  Christian, riding the 'green bronco', was unaware of newly formed rut... hit it at top speed (the boy knows no other speed, grrr) and was launched over the handlebars.  He remembers landing on the driveway on his chest and using his lower arms to elevate his face as he skid across the concrete.  He immediately rolled to his back just as the 4wheeler dislodged itself from the rut and preceded to run right over the top of him and drag him for a good distance.  Road rash like I've never seen before.

I, of course, screamed like a ninny when I first saw shredded clothes and blood... quickly verifying no broken bones, no need for stitches, etc.  Then proceeded to the next step all moms take when they realize their kid is going to be OK... I raked him over the coals for near killing himself, and said the ever logical statement..."if I ever see you riding that fast again I'm gonna ring your neck!!".
I said it.
Sensible, right?
Mom moment.
I stand by it though!


mom2eight said...

thank goodness he is OK relatively speaking. gonna be soooore tomorrow.
so thankful it wasn't worse.
my sympathies to both son and mom.

mom2eight said...
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Jen said...

We've been in Idaho for less than a week and my kids are already begging for a 4-wheeler. I can now feel good about saying NO...and I have pictures to back me up! Thanks, Christian. :)

Kim Mayfield said...

Oh.My.Goodness. So thankful he is ok. These boys and their toys! And I personally think that moms are not held responsible for the things they say to their children after they have done incredibly dumb things and almost kill themselves! :)