Tuesday, January 11

the Orange Bronco

 We woke up to another Winter Wonderland this morning.
The forecast for this storm was pretty accurate and Shawn closed his office for the day.
Our first item of very important business for this morning... we had to find our orange sleds, because we missed out on prime snow fun on Christmas and we wanted to make up for it today!!
 Recipe for fun:
snow (of course), orange sleds, and a 4wheeler.  It is also great to have plenty of pasture with lots of hills and dips to drive crazy fast over!
Christian was the first guinea pig... I mean, rider.  He has no fear.  He rode this sled like he does a tube pulled behind our boat... no hands required... wipeouts guaranteed!!
 Ty is more of a HOLD ON TIGHT kinda guy... smart kid!!
 Savannah is the best at shifting her weight to do cool tricks... like sledding so fast that she actually ended up IN FRONT of the 4wheeler.  Yikes!  But she thought it was hilarious.
 Shawn started a wonderful fire for the kids to defrost in front of... then it was his turn!
 Christian took the honors of pulling his dad.  Wait a minute?  Christian?  Son?  I see the orange sled but looks like you lost your rider?!!!!
Huge fun!  Looks like we may have a chance to snow sled again tomorrow since the temps are still dropping.  H'ville is a ghost town.  We had to venture into town to see if it was possible for Shawn to open his office tomorrow.  A NO GO!  His street is barricaded and no traffic is going through.  So another snow day for our whole family tomorrow, yippee!

In other very important news... Auburn won the National Championship tonight.  It was a nail biter, ugh!  Came home from my Dad's house after the game with a huge headache from the stress, hee-hee.

And equally important news... we had a near emergency today.  We ran out of diapers... for the goat.  Savannah let the supply run out and we risked harm by attempting a Walmart run.  Thankfully we raced in minutes before closing and got the necessary goat seat covers, whew!

I was loved and adored by my children today, because, as their teacher... I declared it an official snow day... no homeschool.  I may fall from my pedestal though cause I plan on having school tomorrow... we will see... my resolve is not too strong... sleeping in and lazing around in front of another warm fire might persuade me otherwise, snicker!


Charity said...

That looks like great fun! Such a rare to treat to play in this snow.

Karen said...

All day long I wished I could be on the back of a sled. It looks so fun.

Lisha said...

I absolutely love the kids' faces! We are going to go sledding at the park today... cookies sheets and all! :)

Cari said...

So jealous. We tried to get a power wheels to work but it was a no-go. Gonna try cookie sheets and laundry baskets today.

Sharon said...

So fun! We used to have orange saucer sleds when I was little. We turtle waxed them...SO much FASTER! Of course it helps when the snow is more icy. :) This isn't the best sledding snow.