Friday, January 21

Nothing left to do but have FUN!

Pedicure...  check!
Manicure... check!
Walking around house for past 2 weeks in killer heels to make sure she feels good in them... check!
Bottom of heels properly scuffed so they don't slip...  check!
 Savannah found two pair of earrings she just couldn't choose between.  One set was a classic set of diamond hoops.  The second set were THESE!!!  I love them.  Like really, really like them.  They will be so perfect with her dress... little sparkle... little funky and young.  I bit my lip and kept my opinions to myself.  I even bought both sets of earrings so she could ponder longer on them.  She just decided that I could return the loops... she is wearing these, hooray!!
 Don't you just love the oversize rings that are available now.  So fun!  This one is so perfect!!!
Notice the manicure... her first ever.
 And last Saturday, while Savannah was at her Youth Dance... Shawn and I went shopping.  He wanted to get her something for her birthday just from him.  Have I mentioned before that my sweetheart can analyze and research things inside, outside, upside, downside, leftside, rightside, hokeypokeyside?!??!!  He finally decided on a ring.  Whew!
 And I must admit, it was worth hours and hours of shopping and going back for second looks, and interrogating jewelry salespeople.  Cause he got the most beautiful Sweet 16 ring I have ever seen.  Savannah's favorite color is blue, and this blue topaz is going to make her cry tears of joy.
Shawn hasn't bought a piece of jewelry since he went shopping with his mom for my engagement ring.  He will give this ring to Savannah tonight.  Tomorrow is her actual BIG DAY, and in usual Savannah fashion she has a very full social agenda... with the big finale tomorrow evening of her first date, an ROTC Ball.  So fun!


Kim Mayfield said...

Love the ring!! Can't wait to see her all put together tomorrow!

Charity said...

There is something so sweet about a Dad buying jewelry for his daughters, right? The ring is a knock-out gift! Can't wait see the full look, you tease!

danakat said...

Can't wait to see the whole package!!!

The ring brought tears to MY eyes.

Wendyrful said...

I LOVE that daddy bought this beautiful sweet 16 ring for his Daughter!!!! So awesome!