Wednesday, January 26

captial R

Random Post Warning!
 I always shy away from mishmash posts but don't know why... because I love that type of post when others blog them... so here I go.

Savannah did indeed cry when her daddy gave her the ring!
I actually was allowed to 'sit in' on the sweet moment as Shawn gave the ring to her. 
Shawn told her that this is only the second piece of jewelry he has ever picked out and that he hoped she would wear it on her left finger... and not remove it until a tremendously wonderful young man wants to place an engagement ring on that same finger.
 She adores Blue Topaz so the ring was an instant love!

Savannah had a great First Date too!
Her favorite time of the night was Dinner.  I giggled when she first said this.  But she said that the food was incredible and it was a fun time of chatting with her date.

They then went to the ROTC Ball.
Savannah had a tad bit of culture shock.  Keeping in mind that the absolutely only dance she has ever been to is a Youth Church Dance AND the fact that she is homeschooled.  She met some of Blake's friends, socialized, danced... and then after the formalities (intro of officers and Seniors, etc) of the Ball ended... the music got turned WAY up, the atmosphere got a tad wild... and Savannah promptly asked to be taken home;)
I grin typing this, because I love that my daughter felt comfortable enough with herself AND her date to have a fun first date.  I also grin because I think Savannah found out the tried and true facts about HighSchool Formals... whether they be ROTC Balls or Proms, etc...  
 The real fun is in the shopping for the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry; 
The process of getting all dolled up;
A great dinner with her date; &
Great conversation with a date that is normally quiet but was so easy to talk to!

THEN arriving at the actual BIG EVENT... and finding out that it ends up not being the highlight of the night afterall.  But instead short and sweet... and back in the car for the ride home and more great conversation... the very thing she found the most enjoyable anyway!
 OK, she is comfortable with all I have said about her ring and first date, it is now documented for our family yearbook... and she has asked me to move on, snicker.

So in the way of moving on AND random... remember this photo of our triplets just hours old?
 Here is a new photo of them at 5 weeks old.  The two boys on the left have spend all their time out at the barn with Calli, their mom.  Willow has spent the past 5 weeks in our home, sleeping in our laundry room and being bottle fed by Savannah.  Willow is still considerably smaller in size compared to her brothers, but she seems healthy now.
 For several days straight, Savannah would bring Sparrow and Peanut to the chicken coop area for a forced 'playdate' with Willow.  Lets just say none of them were cooperating at first... but now they are enjoying each other.
 We knew the chickens would not be fond of 3 annoying goats in their pen, so we bribed them with leftover corn on the cob.
 The corn worked on the hens... not so much for the Rooster.
Keep in mind his job is to warn 'the ladies' of any dangers.  If the rooster is going crazy... inevitably I can look out the window and see a hawk or other perceived danger lurking about.
And so during the goats playdate... this is where the Rooster resides...
 OUTSIDE the coop fence.  CockaDoodleDooing his blooming head off, trying ever so valiantly to get the hens to listen to him and flea the coop.
Thing is though... I think the hens find the goats amusing.  Free entertainment if you will.
Rooster... not so much!
 We were supposed to receive several more inches of snow last night.  Not sure yet if any one did, but we sure didn't.  Thankfully so, because our practice took a huge financial hit from being closed all those days due to the earlier snowfall.
And here is the only reminder of that snowfall.
Our snowman... notice the last remaining body mass which is now a bitty snowball, the twig arms, pinecone nose (no carrots were available), and the Santa Claus hat. 
And the last bit of random... I am down in the dumps.
Yep, crying headaches and all.
Yesterday was one of those days.  Homeschooling was ROUGH!  Tasks seemed too many to manage.  And really bad news to round out the rainy cold Tuesday.
Hopefully 6 months from now... the storms from our bad news will be 'old news' and we can get back to our beautiful, calm, existence.
But as for today... kids seem chipper, all the laundry and ironing are done (rare), hubby was able to go to work after dreading snow all night that never came, chili is on the menu for dinner (yum), and I shall avoid attempting math again with youngest son... just for today... math tends to not be friendly to either of us!


Charity said...

I liked your random post...its more of a snapshot of your life :) And I hate doing math with one child in-particular. I explain how to do the problem, then get an argument about it. Oh joy! Glad things are going better today!

Mike and Carrie said...

I'm so glad that S had a great time on her date. What a great young lady who had the confidence to ask to leave an uncomfortable situation!

danakat said...

VERY impressed with her strength of character. How that must have filled your heart!

That picture of the rooster going crazy is CRACKING me up! I have no idea can't really SEE his freaking out. You just described it perfectly suited for my funny bone, I guess.