Saturday, March 31


 Today... I got my pruning sheers and clipped a dogwood branch to bring inside.  I couldn't help myself. 
 Today... I ran into town to take Ty to baseball practice.  I was lazy.  I was unshowered.  I was in a holey tshirt.  I took pity on all those innocent baseball observers and stayed in Shawn's truck during the practice.  I rolled all the windows down and flipped through landscaping plans.  It was a very peaceful 1 1/2 hours.
 Today... I feel officially knowledgeable enough to declare our 5 ducks Swedish ducks.  My favorite kind of duck.
 Today... Shawn and Christian worked on Christian's Eagle Project.  It is an ambition project.  We are so thankful for the knowledge and help of others since there is expertise needed to complete this project that we do not have. 

Today... Shawn and Christian gave the farm its second mowing.  The first mowing of the season is always rough and less than pristine.  But today's mowing is gorgeous.  Well, gorgeous in an unmanicured, farm kind of way.
 Today... the back pasture did not get mowed.  The horses and donkeys weren't complaining though.  Chomp!
 Today... I decided that it is indeed possible to love, like really, really LOVE a barn.  Deeply. 
 Today... I sat in an adirondak chair staring at the other adirondak chairs and decided that this may be the year they get some touch up paint.  Maybe.  Not making any promises.
 Today... I sat in that adirondak chair and watched as storm clouds rolled in.  I love rain. 
Tonight... Shawn and Christian will go together to church to watch the Priesthood Session of General Conference.  They will go early because all the men are grilling out and eating dinner together before the broadcast.  In 2 more years, all 3 of my gorgeous men will attend together.

Tonight... I will run into town and hopefully not get too wet because I have a birthday vase of tulips to deliver to an amazing friend.  She is an April Fools 'baby', so fun!  Happy Birthday Becky!

Tonight... I will grab dinner in town for myself, Savannah, and Ty.  I am in a weightloss competition with members of my family and friends.  This Monday is the final weigh-in... BUT I have been a really REALLY good girl ALL week... and I don't want to cook.  So I shall eat out and hope I do not regret it on Monday.

Tomorrow... the Callahans will gather at my mom and dad's house to watch General Conference.  I love GC.  I listen and make note of my 'marching orders' for the next 6 months and beyond.  I love taking it all in, so thankful for a Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  Content Sigh.

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