Sunday, March 18

My Studio... Almost there!

I posted last year about an attic space that I felt was sorely underused.  We had a treadmill in there (that was actually broke) and the kids would sometimes watch a movie up there but it did not function for any real purpose.
I proposed that I take over this small 14x13' space and turn it into a Studio for me.  I had a feeling that my entire family would jump 'on board' since my having a real space of my own would mean that many of my projects would not be strewn all over the house along with my supplies.

This is the before:
blue walls that actually made it seem quite dark in there even with the abundance of lights.  The floor was carpeted but I would need a hard surface for this space to function better for my studio.
I asked Shawn to 'plank' the walls for me so that it would feel more like the attic space that it is.  I knew I would then want the walls and ceiling to be painted out white to open the space.  Oh... did I mention that there was no budget for this project?  I'm a budgeting type of gal and I usually don't leap into a project unless I have some idea how to pay to complete it.  To say this was done cheaply is an understatement, grin.
 For the walls and ceiling, we bought $7.00 4x8' sheets of hardboard from Lowes and ripped them into 6" width strips.  Shawn nailed them up with a slight gap giving the illusion of planked walls. 
 It was exactly the look I wanted without the cost of tongue and groove planks which would have been entirely too expensive for this type of project.
 I had originally thought I would do a painted floor because I was wanting cheap CHEAP.  I could not just paint the subfloor, too rough.  We thought of plywood, looked at plain wood flooring I could paint... all too expensive or would not give me the look I wanted.  A gal at Shawn's office suggested a flooring outlet in town to look at.  We went and I was blown away by the laminate flooring they had - wide planked and in any color you could want!  The price was phenomenally cheap but then we heard an employee there mention a sale later on that night after the store 'technically' closed.  We boldly asked for an invite to the sale and came back later that night.  I am thrilled with the look and the functionality of this floor, and I never pictured the wood look because I thought there was no way to afford it, but it instantly warmed up the entire space.  So thrilled!
Shawn did all this form me.
So now the fun part will begin.  I am still adamant that I will use what we have and not spend money to finish this space out.  I have some 'reinventing' I can do for organization and a few dressers that will serve as storage.  I will need a long work table and will slipcover a hideous chair I already have but that is super comfy to come into this space.  I will be sure and post the final AFTER photos after I have officially moved everything in.  I am thrilled to be able to create, hang-out, and then close the door to a sometime messy room that will be mine all mine.  

Here are some pics I have been collecting to help me visualize finishes and creative storage for this room:
the color palette
I'll make long shelves to store tons of items
my dream chandelier (potterybarn).  way out of my nonexistent budget but maybe if I can sell the existing fan and a few other things on craigslist then I can justify this ;)
more storage
I have a couple dress forms... the only choice will be which one gets to live in the studio?
I have an antique dresser that is missing the bottom drawer... still usable, I will just use baskets in place of missing drawer.
The challenge:
-to finish out the space and have it at optimum functionality with little to NO money!
- using items I already have but making it look cohesive and pleasing to the eye,
- to have work and storage zones, much like a kitchen, so that the space is truly organized,
- to accomplish all this in a short amount of time so that I am IN IT working and creating, so my family appreciates the blessing it really is that I have this space. 


woodsermom said...

You are genius at decorating - the dresser without the drawer would have gone on the side of the road for me and yet you made it completely fabulous! I am walking around the house looking for dresser drawers to throw out!! haha!! Also, working on my front porch and trying to EXACTLY duplicate what you did last year cuz I have no style sense!! Thank goodness I took lots of pictures.

woodsermom said...

Isn't it hilarious that we live next door and talk mainly thru email and blog...Are we a couple of major homebody hermits or what??!