Tuesday, March 23

then YOU must be boring....

So, have you ever heard the words..."I'm bored!", come out of your child's mouth?
It sends Ty right up the wall when I finish this sentence for him....
"If your bored... that must mean you're boring!"
Thankfully, he rarely makes that statement.  Success!

Ty just simply needs to be reminded to go create something.
His favorite place to go 'fiddle' is on his desk in his bedroom.

He asked to have a huge ART board, so I found this pinboard and he filled it up in 2.1 seconds!

His creativity does not translate into neatness in any shape or form, snicker.
But, it makes me smile that in between pictures of spongebob and space martians invading earth.... one can find important messages like CTR.... choose the right.

And drawings of blackholes and Yoda are quite comfortable sharing space with a coloring page of
the Savior in Gethsemane.
Reality and imagination beautifully coexisting :)