Sunday, March 14

Beautiful Views

Several weeks ago, Shawn went on a plane ride with a friend of his.
They had been trying to get their schedules together for quite some time so they could fly over our land and get some photos.  Those views would be more breathtaking were it not winter, but it still is fun to see our surroundings from these photos.

The above photo is the TN River that lies next to the farm land directly behind our property.
Below is the Flint River that feeds into the TN River.  Our kids love to go play in the Flint River, such a great retreat.

This is from the rear angle of our farm.
Shawn is over the Flint river taking this photo and facing Green Mountain.
See our beautiful Homestead?
My bro, Barry, calls our farm a 'bowling alley, there sure is some truth to that, snicker.
It actually is an 'L' with my folks living on a bit of acreage to the side of our long strip of land.

Side view of the house and carriage house.
Between the farm fencing and that little glimpse of the blue barn at the back of the property, will be a pond... one day, someday, maybe, hopefully, not holding my breath though :)

The only thing NOT dormant is cedars and a few loblolly pines... one day we hope to have some landscaping too... big dreams!!

The day of Shawn's flyover, me and the kids were actually outside behind the blue barn burning brush... he said we looked like ants, but Shawn and I were able to chat on cellphones while he circled us.

They continued on to the TVA dam.
A favorite fishing spot of my dad's.

So glad Shawn finally got the chance to fly... me?!... NO desire to fly, not my idea of fun.
When we were in the AirForce, I really worried that he was going to bail on dentistry and wanna hang with the pilots.  Thankfully he stayed on course with his career and going up once in a while gives him the thrills he seeks.  Thanks, Ross!


Sharon said...

Love the aerial views. That is one big house and a whole lot of land to keep ya busy! Phew! :)

Anonymous said...

人類最偉大的力量,就是心中有希望。 ..................................................

karen said...

These are so fun! What shots to have. I am so impressed.