Tuesday, August 14


Random bits of my life right now....

loving:  the process of collecting inspiration pics for some future projects.

reading:  the April Ensign.

waiting for:  the washer to beep... today is laundry day and I am always listening for the beep.

excited about:  Fall and cooler temperatures.

missing:  being out on the lake, we hope to rectify that absence this Friday.

trying to:  plan out a laundry room completion, it has been in a holding pattern for too long.

 working on:  school schedules.

enjoying:  a quiet house because the kids are busy with their own tasks.

using:  my laptop which will no longer hold a charge and must be plugged in at all times, ugh!

wearing:  well, I'm feeling quite dressed up for a Tuesday!  I had a Visiting Teaching appt this 
               morning so I'm not in my usual attire... yoga pants and tshirt.  I hope to wear 
               something like this in the near future...

planning:  on finding some way to steal my husband away for a date this weekend.

needing:  a nap but there is just no time for one today, maybe tomorrow.

learning:  how to grow pumpkins for next year.  Trouble is there are many schools of thought 
               on the matter so I may be in for some trial and error.

listening:  to the sound of the sewing machine.  Savannah is busy sewing Little Dresses.

wishing:  there were more hours in the NIGHT!

doing:  my best to squirrel away some fun money for reunion in a few weeks.

praying for:  continued health and weight loss.

dreaming of:  climbing roses on a dining arbor... neither of which exist on our property but 
                maybe will someday ;)

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Kristin and Chase said...

LOVE that outfit! And LOVE the idea of growing pumpkins!