Monday, June 11


Today, I drove in to town to drop Ty off at a Lego Robotics camp.  I am humbled that the act of steering a car is still such a challenge.  I felt like I should have been sporting some kind of bumper sticker begging forgiveness for my snail like pace, you think I jest?  I do not.

Today, I sat in the car waiting for Ty to come out of his camp and felt 202 years old... Not one second younger than that.

Today, I finally believe my doctor when he said that it may be as much as 6 months before I am completely healed, whimper.  I surrender.  I shall start marking off the days til then.

Today, I cooked dinner for my family.  Monumental.  First meal I have cooked in 7 weeks.  I have not grocery shopped, menu planned, cooked, done laundry, ironed, cleaned, etc, etc in 7 weeks.  Nice break?  I can not tell a lie!  Funny how cooking a whole meal by myself is such an achievement.  Slowly but surely.

Today, I tried to pull a large door open and was reminded yet again that doors will be my challenge for quite a while.  You know those round handicap push panels that will open a door for you if you punch it?  I call them the 'EASY' button but for doors?  I now think they should be required on all buildings just like a ramp access is.  I am thoroughly appreciative for the help of strangers... even though I bore them unmercifully with the explanation each time that I had surgery and blah, blah, blah, blah... blah. 

Today, I loved being home when the rain moved in.  The sound always does me good, relaxes me.  The kids?  Not so much.  Rain always knocks out our satellite internet... and they are in the mucky middle of finals for school and just want to be done already.

Today, I decided the first thing I will do when I have the chance... flip/rotate our mattress because I have created quite a groove on my side of the bed, snicker.  I will also trade out our bed linens for bright summer ones, asap!  I think I shall rearrange and change some things around and give the whole space, I have been hibernating in, an overall overhaul.  Oh happy day.

Today, I am so thankful I am 7 weeks removed from surgery.  I am thankful that this body of mine is on the mend and in a few short months should return me to my 'loves' that for years have dwindled to almost nonexistance.

Today, I cut the boys hair.  I had not cut their hair since the day before my surgery.  While Christian was rockin' his long locks, Ty was just downright frustrated with his mop top.  I felt heroically successful.  Yep.  I did.

Today, I really love my incredible husband.  Deeply... overwhelming... adore him and how well he has taken care of me, our kids, his calling, our house, our farm, etc, etc.

Today, I grimaced and cringed while driving into town.  I felt such exhaustion when exerting the most minimal effort.  I stood stranded outside of a door until someone came and helped me get inside of the school.  But today, I really, REALLY started to feel healing.

Today, Ty came running into the kitchen and stood there staring at me.  I was perplexed.  He said he heard me laugh and he liked the sound of it.  Awwwww. 

Today, I will collapse into bed, completely exhausted... with a grin.  good night!

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