Wednesday, September 28


Today... the weather was so gorgeous, I sat on the front porch this afternoon and daydreamed.  No book to read, no kids to entertain me, just zoned...

Today... I have come to the realization that a simple sinus infection that has plagued me for over a week has morphed.  Antibiotics make me so sick, I just let these things run their course and all is usually well.  But I am convinced that this si is mocking me... we shall see what the doc says in the morning, whimper.

Today... I am so glad that there were not many witnesses to my attempt to catch 3 escapee donkeys and the border collie that was 'failing' to herd them.  Me, wheezing due to illness, running from the front of the property all the way to back... I'm sure I was a sight!  Savannah was at work, and the boys were next door.  Thankfully my pleas for help sent Christian and Ty to my rescue and it took them 10 minutes to do what I had spent the past hour attempting.  The donkeys are safely back in the pasture and the naughty pup is in time out.  Me?  I should sleep like a rock tonight.

Today... I did not make it to the grocery store as planned.  The consolation was Lawlers for dinner.

Today... I sat down and planned my weekend.  I have not had a weekend to do what I want to do in a long time.  I think I shall paint some furniture, some for our home, and some for the booth.  It will feel good to be productive.  Surely I will feel better, it is time.

Tonight... I am sitting in a quiet, peaceful home.  I love our home.  It is such a work in progress, but I adore the process.  My sweethearts are all at church.  I am so proud of them.  My three handsome men in their scout uniforms and my sweet daughter ready to go visit some of the older couples in our ward and take them treats. 

Tonight... I am going to snuggle in with a large bowl of Rocky Road icecream and a good book and wait for my favorite sound... the folks I love most driving back up in the trucks so we can say prayers and ALL snuggle in.  Good night.

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Marci said...

well that sounds like a most perfect day.:D
except for that donkey part...that not so fun.
i had to do that with chickens one day and no grown
woman should have to do things like that!