Wednesday, July 20

the Canoooooe...

I love old dough bowls.  I am especially drawn to these large trough styles... the bigger the better.  I use them all over the house.  Some have decorative items in them, but most of them hold blankets and pillows for the convenience of grabbing and cuddling to watch a movie, etc.
 The largest one I have is in the TV room.  When I bought it in Destin and Shawn saw it... he asked sarcastically 'why I bought a canoe'.  It is that huge.  The nieces and nephews have found the canoe to be quite comfy.  Each day there is a different kiddo lounging or playing in it.
 Our resident GOOFBALL!!
 All the kids played outside yesterday in the water and making MUD!!!  Kena was plain ole tuckered out!
Looks like the Mayfield house will be liveable again by weeks end.  Not finished by any means, but liveable. Insert selfish whimper here.  What will we do with out precious tiny voices around the farm... and little feet running through the house?!  I'm sure they will be thankful to settle into their home again and regain some sense of normal.  We will miss them, yep.


aydenavaalismom said...

i love your post i really do...but i rrreally am excited to see the pillows you made out of ty's old baseball shirts! (wink, wink) cuz you know im totally going to copy you right! =)

Cari said...

if a boat is what it takes to get my kiddos to take a nap, i need to find me one of those!!! heehee.