Thursday, April 7

our white weekend...

Introducing Ty's first VERY OWN pet.  His name is Cotton.
I happened upon a dive of a place, shed of sorts, back in the deep, deep, deepness of the countryhood.  I just saw a lot of rusty, old, junkiness spilling out of this shed and went to snoop.  Much to my delight, there was a darling gentleman there willing to get rid of some of this 'junk'.  Yippee.  I carefully maneuvered around inside this shed.  I felt like I was being followed.  I would turn around and see a little streak of white bolt under something.  Eventually, I realized that it was a kitten, but it was terrified of me... kinda... it would follow me, right on my heels, until I attempted to turn around... bolt! 
 Ty was with me.  I wasn't crazy about him coming into the shed so he hung out in the driveway.  Next thing I know,Ty is sitting in the gravel with a darling white kitten in his lap.  What?!  I guess Ty's size was far less intimidating and the kitten was hap, hap, happy with Ty.
 The kitten was fur and bones.  The gentlemen asked if we could take him and give him a home.  Ty pleaded... I caved.
 Ty adores him.  He adores Ty.  And to add to all things wonderful... the kitten is an amazing mouser, very important! 
 Sunday I glanced out the window to see this....
 I wouldn't call Shawn and I 'cat people'  normally.  They serve a good purpose for us, but otherwise they get loves from the kids only.  But seems Cotton is not a subtle fella, he has really made himself at home.
 My tulips came in really sparse this year.  Not a tulip 'wise' person... do they only come back for a few years usually? Did our extra cold winter kill the bulbs?  Never fear though... I got blooms a plenty all over the farm.  The show stopper for now is the Spirea.  Very dramatic!
And I'll sneak this in under the 'white' topic, snicker.  Shawn and I worked on this little harvest table this weekend too.  The top slats are pallet wood and I love it.  This photo doesn't show the finished product... we also made a huge crate on casters I will show you later when they are both done. 
Amazing weekend!  Which included Ty's first baseball game... his first double-play... and a win for his team that had him practically hoisted up on everyone's shoulders... thankfully his teammates thought better of that because I could see Ty being dropped on his noggin ;)  I will post baseball pics soon too!


Karen said...

Cotton is so pretty. He even favors Ty a little. If that's possible. Your projects are always awesome.

Charity said...

What a great name for his little kitten. He is cute. Your spirea is beautiful! And I love the table. Is it for your craft attic?

kg said...

I was wondering about your table as well? And I think I may have just planted 'spirea', I'm hoping now that's what it is!