Tuesday, May 25

So much drama...

bottled up in this one little puppy.

Especially when Savannah has determined that it is time for a bath.

Doesn't your heart just pound for those pityful eyes.  Cooper is convinced that he has just had the most torturous treatment ever inflicted upon a stinky farm dog.

And I'm sure he will file his formal complaints right after a well deserved nap.
It takes a lot out of a guy to be bathed, dried, and overall pampered.


Anonymous said...

what a cute little drama pup! My dog is too big to pamper anymore. Tyson has to get into the shower with him just to bathe him and we have to make sure he is locked in cause he hates bath time. :)

MrsMama said...

Awww, what cute photos! I get the same looks of disgust and dread from my 9 year old boy whenever I have to wash him. :)

Savannah is doing a great job taking care of Cooper.