Tuesday, February 9

Long list of excuses...

 It was just 2 posts ago that I shared my goal of completing Savannah's room and bathroom in time for incoming visiting family that were to arrive last week.
Um, well, I failed... like didn't even come close to finishing the project.
I have a litany of excuses.
Wanna hear them?

We completed the necessary projects in the carriagehouse to get my sis moved into the loft apartment.
Still lots of cosmetic and a few functional things to complete, but it is livable and she has it decorated already and it is adorable!!

Week ago last Saturday... My sweetie invited all our family,30+ folks, to my favorite restaurant to celebrate my upcoming milestone of a birthday.  It was a wonderful, crazy, loud fiesta!!

Monday was my official birthday, and I share my birthday with Ty!!
I woke up to this herd at the entry to our farm.
Thankful my hubby did not get the buzzards are grimreaper :)
Cows... now that was funny!
Monday night we celebrated Ty's birthday.
He wanted to meet family again this year at Chuck E Cheeses.
Loads of fun!!

Tuesday was Shawn's birthday!
I fixed him one of his favorite meals and got him a NY Cheesecake.
Later that night he went out to the movies with Savannah and Christian.

Wednesday a baby goat was born on the farm.

Funny story here was that we thought it was a girl for the first 24 hours... even called it 'Willow'.
Later to find out... oops... goat has man parts!
So now the kids have named him RockyRoad... aka Roady.

Thursday, Shawn's dad and his wife Char arrived from Utah.
They stayed with us the whole weekend and did a lot of partying, whew!
Friday was Christian's 14th birthday.
We went out to eat at his favorite restaurant, Logans.
He was wonderful enough to postpone his bday campout a few weekends to enjoy family and let the spotlight be primarily on his little bro.
Saturday, Ty was baptized.
He is a shy guy, I think the expressions in most photos proves that fact, but he was truly excited for his special day.
Savannah was such a trooper and helped so much this crazy busy week.
Sunday, Christian was ordained a Teacher at Church.
Wonderful opportunities to serve and grow, very proud of his good choices.

And then Monday morning our new hens and rooster arrived.
So fun... I don't know if the excitement of this will ever grow old.

So... see why I shall grant myself leniency in the fact that Savannah's room did NOT get completed.
Those to dos shall now be 're added' to my forever long gotta get em done list.
And life goes on, snicker!


Beth said...

OH MY Cuteness!!! Look at those little chicks!!!

Sandy said...


Kim Mayfield said...

Those cows are just too funny!

You have been a very busy girl... now go relax and enjoy yourself this weekend!

Sharon said...

Love the cows! Happy belated b-day!

Those are some great excuses...they still keep ya busy. :) Love the baby goat and the new rooster and hen. They are so cute.

Debbie said...

hahahaha... love those cows! so funny! is that going to be a permanent fixture by the road? ;-)