Sunday, July 31

The Blessing of Protection

A few weeks ago, Shawn got home from work and decided to do some weedeating around the farm.  He stores his lawn equipment in our Carriage House.  After he finished working he walked back into the Carriage House and could smell smoke.  He knocked on Misty's Loft door (she rents our loft that is above the Carriage House garages).  He thought maybe she had burnt her dinner or something.  No.  She also had smelt something burning but assumed we were burning something in our burnpile in the back pasture.  And so goes the next series of events:
 These are a picture of our garage door openers in the Carriage House.  Notice the plastic covers on the front... they house the light bulbs that come on when you open the doors.
 Misty and Shawn started investigating where the burning smell could have been coming from.  They immediately found THIS.  The wood we had stored on the floor that we are using to panel the new studio.  It was actually in flames when they found it.  Shawn put the flames out and came and got me, I was in the main house.
We were so perplexed.  How could this wood just up and catch on fire.  But then I looked closer and I thought I saw splatters of wax. 
 Nope.  It was plastic... causing us to look UP!!  This is what we saw... simultaneously gasping.  Now look again at the above picture.  That is a scorched bird's nest.
 We have come to realize that the plastic cover on these garage door openers is actually OPEN on the top, I assume to prevent the light bulb from getting too hot.  BUT this allows birds to then build nests inside the cover, right on top of the light bulb!  Which one did.  Then when Shawn opened the garage door that day, the light bulb turned on, and the bulb caught the nest on fire... causing this fire.
 We all stood there trembling to realize that there were gas cans, a 4wheeler full of gas, AND a lawnmower full of gas sitting under this garage door opener.  Not to mention that the ceiling was burned but did not actually catch fire.  This could have escalated so quickly had Shawn not entered the garage right at the time that he did after weedeating.
I have shed many tears over the 'might have beens'.  I insisted that ALL garage door openers (because we have the same in our house garage too) be purged from the property.  Pretty much picture me ranting, raving, full blown ugly crying, and over all freaking out... I do it well!

But finally I calmed.  I was sure to drop to my knees and give thanks for the protection received that day... most importantly for Misty, and a far second... our property.  Now on Shawn's urgent 'to do' list is to put screen over the openings of the bulb covers on the garage openers to prevent future nest immediately on the bulbs.

I know we have trials to strengthen us.  I am so thankful that Misty in any way being harmed was not a trial we had to face that day.  And while we had gotten a tad robotic in our prayers asking for His kind protection on our family and loved ones... that same protection is NOW being asked for in a much more meaningful, sincere context... and with daily gratitude too!!


MaioCampo said...

Hmm. Just a thought, a wire cover of the opening still may not prevent nesting on top of the opening. I wonder if a wire cover could be fabricated around the entire unit... or at least around that end where the bulb is.

Lisha said...

The pictures made it even more real, my heart is pounding just as hard as when you told me the story. So, so grateful for the Lord's hand in this. Do you even need to replace the plastic covering? There would be no place to build a nest with an exposed bulb, but don't know if that would cause other problems.

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh! How scary! So grateful they caught it before anything really bad happened!

Sandi said...

Oh my goodness! So thankful the fire was not worse and that you caught it in time. God is good!